Carpet Stain Removal

Posted by in Home Improvement on Sep 17, 2013

It can be difficult to keep your carpet completely clean and spotless, especially when it comes to light colored carpet. Kids can bring dirt in after playing, you could have a tired puppy coming in from a run, and other shoes can track all sorts of dirt and debris into your home, meaning stains and spot damage can occur far too easily. Once dirt from the outside is in the home, it can get pushed deep into carpet fibers if it is not cleaned immediately. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks for keeping your carpet maintained regularly so that it will look cleaner and last longer.

1. Vacuuming daily in high traffic places, such as living rooms or hallways, can be beneficial since everyday use of the carpet can push dirt deep into the carpet. Vacuuming in places like bedrooms can be done every two or three days since there is typically less traffic.

2. Carpet stain removal should occur the moment an accident happens if possible, because a stain becomes much more difficult to remove the longer it sits. When liquids are spilled, it is important to blot them up with a paper towel and avoid rubbing the liquid deeper into your carpet. Once that is taken care of, stain removal can begin. Spray stain removal solution directly onto the affected area, then use paper towels to blot the stain in a circular motion, moving inward. When the stain looks like it is gone, rinse the area with water in order to get rid of any chemical residue. Unfortunately, not all stains are the same, so they cannot all be cleaned easily. In those cases, you might need to hire an Austin carpet cleaner to deal with it.

3. Another easy way to maintain your carpet is not to allow others to walk on your carpet in shoes. Shoes can track in dirt, and wearing them inside means that outside materials can become an unwanted addition to your carpet.

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