3 Best Places to Chill in Milwaukee

Posted by in Summer Fun on May 7, 2015

Summer is fast approaching – and for some people, that means crashing back home and all the creature comforts that dorm rooms don’t offer. Or maybe you’ve stumbled along the state of Wisconsin and into the great city of Milwaukee for some good old fashioned vacation time. Either way, if you’ve found yourself in this city – these are three places that you definitely should not miss!

Cold Spoons is that perfect little taste of Italy in Wisconsin, thanks to their authentically prepared gelato. Have dairy concerns? That’s no concern here! Flavors that particularly stand out are the salted caramel with green apple as well as their delicious almond gelato. Tuesdays are a particularly great day to visit this shop as they offer a free upsize on your gelato – get a medium for the price of a small, or a large for the price of a medium!

Not satisfied? Another place that could satisfy your cravings for something sweet to beat the heat could just be over at Babe’s Ice Cream. In this city, it’s frozen custard that has been all the rage and so it can be difficult to find the little comforts found in ice cream. Babe’s Ice Cream can offer a wide variety of ice creams – a few selections are even completely vegan friendly!

Nite Owl Ice Cream Parlour is the one to visit, however, for something a little more than just ice cream. A visit to this quaint little shop – with its décor that is most definitely retro-chic – can certify an excellent experience that you’ll just keep coming back to. Some of the regulars will claim that you haven’t yet lived a full life until you’ve tried a combo of Nite Owl’s cheeseburger and malt shake. Amazing food and a great atmosphere – this is definitely the place to be to just put your feet up and have a good time!

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